“You need a good estate planning attorney,” is a common phrase I tell clients as we review how Executrixie can assist them through the future disposition of an estate. I tell them an estate planning attorney will offer legal advice and help draft various written legal documents including power of attorney, living trust, and a health care proxy to protect them while they are alive. Additionally, the attorney will also work with them to draft a will and/or testamentary provisions within a trust to protect their surviving relatives. This attorney will act as a fiduciary.

Executrixie’s purpose is to bring value as a ‘behind the scenes’ coordinator of information and resources between client, family and the attorney. While not providing legal advice, Executrixie can assist with other practical matters throughout the administration of the estate such as organization of all relevant paperwork and hands-on organizing of the physical estate so that the attorney can focus solely on the legal matters including the drafting of the right legal documents and creating appropriate estate tax strategies.

On the homefront, Executrixie organizes and records all the information a family needs to handle the practical realities of a disaster, incapacity, or death. This preparation creates a forum for family members to discuss and document wishes before a crisis. This reduces stress at the time of loss. Ideally, Executrixie opens the doors of communications between family members and brings peace of mind during difficult times.

Estate planning is serious business and hiring the right attorney is critical to the successful disposition of an estate. Assets, business ownership, medical matters, estate taxes and whether minors are involved constitute some of the factors to be considered when retaining an attorney. Appropriate guidance from a trusted legal professional can result in tremendous savings in both time and money during a difficult transition.