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Legacy Workshops

Providing Legacy Security to Your Family Workshops

This series is crucial for everyone. In the six sessions over 12 weeks, topics include: How to choose the right estate planning attorney; Choosing an executor; Creating a vital documents locater, Initiating important conversations with family, 21st century approaches to creating your personal legacy, and more! 

Estate Services

(for Executors, Administrators, and other authorized representatives)*

Reviewing all paper and files to locate and identify assets and assisting with the collection of information needed for the estate tax return and administration of the estate.  Organizing the contents of the home for family review purposes or for an estate sale.

Guiding the client through the decisions regarding the disposition of each item in the estate and facilitating this process to most benefit the estate. This may include: an inventory with photographs, acting as liaison with the recipients of the items (families, friends, charities, estate sales professionals, auction houses, etc.) and orchestrating the shipment of items.

Manage physical property with all aspects household management, employees, contractors, and other individuals. Facilitating the shredding of unnecessary documents and papers.  “Other duties as assigned” = doing what it takes to get the job done.


In times of loss and grief and major life transitions, your family may feel scattered, crunched for time, and unable to think clearly. Executrixie equips you with resources and services, aligned with your family’s values, in the following areas: professional services, real and personal property, education and career, and others depending on your family’s unique situation. How it works:

Introductory Communication, usually a phone call lasting up to 30 minutes, to learn if collaboration is possible.

In Person Consultation to assess the immediate and future needs of the family.

Followup written resource guide provided to family.

Public Speaking

Create an informative and professional event that will motivate your colleagues and augment the quality of their personal and professional relationships. Executrixie’s tips and guidance can create an immediate impact on how participants can approach helping others during various transitions in their lives. 

Executrixie works with all types of businesses and civic groups who recognize and understand the power of using the right words and taking appropriate action when trying to communicate support to family, friends, and clients. 

Provide your employees and colleagues with advice and guidance that will take their personal and professional relationships to the next level and will deliver the highest level of client satisfaction!

Notary Services

Notary (NC only) Certified and commissioned by the Secretary of State of North Carolina, notary service is offered for clients of Executrixie LLC.

Corporate Services

Everyday you meet people who are grieving. Family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and clients. Their grief may be caused by the death of a loved one, divorce, serious medical illness or any other major life transition. At those times, do you have the right words and gestures to let them know you support them? If not, you may risk alienating them and losing their friendship. Conversely, if you help them navigate through a difficult transition, you have that person’s trust as well as the trust of their family and friends for life. Executrixie does the legwork and equips you with solutions to provide invaluable support for these difficult life situations. 

Client Outreach. Develop protocol for helping clients and families through major life transitions with written correspondence, gifts, and curated resource lists. 

Be of rock of support to those facing major life transitions!

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