I am really excited to share some of the changes coming to Executrixie before the end of 2020. Today I am highlighting Executrixie’s updated Resource page where executors can find specific, practical tools to assist them throughout the course of estate administration. These recommendations include informational books, paper management/ organization tools , and personal property moving and storage solutions. To make the ordering process as easy and accessible as possible for everyone, all products are available through Amazon for convenience.


Also, I am spotlighting three national companies who have proven track records in assisting executors through the estate administration.  They are: Estate Exec, Blue Moon Estate Sales, and the Junk Luggers.  I have experience with each of these companies and can vouch for their professionalism, trustworthiness, reasonable fees, and their capability for getting the job done. 


 Estate Exec EstateExec is online software that helps estate executors fulfill their duties, providing automated guidance and automated financial accounting. You can think of EstateExec as something like Quicken®, but optimized for the estate settlement process. It customizes guidance to the particulars of your estate, helps manage financials, generates standardized reports, and even calculates executor compensation.


Blue Moon Estate Sales Blue Moon Estate Sales is the leader in local estate sale planning and execution. Blue Moon has been providing residential, commercial, and moving estate sales services since 2009, consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations both in service and compassion.


Junk Luggers The Junkluggers makes life easier by decluttering your home with eco-friendly junk removal. After we sort through your unwanted items, we repurpose and donate as much as we can. We even haul unsalvageable items to the appropriate recycling facilities for you.


I hope you find these resources as helpful as I, along with my clients, have found them.