Your Grandmother’s Fine China and Dinnerware


More than 1,000 years ago, the art of decorating porcelain dishes originated in China and later these dishes were exported to Europe. As the popularity of ’fine china’ exploded across Europe, these collections expanded to include extra pieces like cocoa cups and English companies, like Spode, began manufacturing their own patterns of fine china dinnerware. [...]

Your Grandmother’s Fine China and Dinnerware2021-05-17T00:16:18+00:00

Giving Tuesday-Ethical Wills


How do you leave behind your legacy of values and ethics for future generations? In this Giving Tuesday post, Executrixie highlights the value of leaving an ethical will. Advisers use ethical wills to look beyond client assets Personalized letters to friends and family can help clients resolve personal issues while also explaining their estate [...]

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