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Tips and Trix- Hiring a Professional Executor


In today's Tips and Trix, hiring a professional executor can be one convenient way to have an estate handled efficiently and competently as in the case of Aretha Franklin's estate, whose family and judge have agreed on the appointment of attorney Reginald Turner as interim manager. Read on to learn more-…/detroit-lawyer-tapped-aretha-frank… [...]

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Tips and Trix


Thursdays are for Tips and Trix! Today's Tip: A major health diagnosis serves as a good trigger to strategize an estate plan to ensure the right community of support around you as you face a major health diagnosis and to review estate planning documents in order to pass along assets in the event of [...]

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Tips and Trix- Remembering my father


“If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.” ~ Mary Engelbreit In today's tips and trix, I remember my father, who passed away sixteen years ago. His death marked the first seeds of Executrixie and I remain thrilled at Executrixie's growth as I continue [...]

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Tips and Trix- Be a Good Neighbor


Wow! Temperatures really dropped here in the Triangle this past week and it felt like winter arrived overnight. If you have elderly family, friends, or neighbors, please check in with them using these winter safety tips. 1. Make certain they are dressing for the weather. As we age we may not notice the cold as [...]

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