Initial Steps to Creating an Estate Plan


 “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln   Perhaps you just attended a funeral, or were diagnosed with a serious medical condition, or having an ‘adulting moment’, and you are thinking about your own mortality and considering your next steps. Yet, fear of taking the next step- do I [...]

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You Need an Estate Planning Attorney


Many times I meet prospective clients who do not have an estate plan in place and are ready to use an online service to prepare wills, advanced directives, and even trusts. Every time I implore them to use a licensed, experienced, estate planning attorney to draft these crucial  documents so that their wishes, concerning end [...]

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In Case of Emergency- How to Plan


In Case of Emergency- How to Plan Talking about emergencies, sudden illnesses and death won't kill you but most people avoid the difficulty of initiating this conversation with loved ones. In our death- denying society, wouldn't you like to avoid it all together? On the contrary, acknowledging these realities can prepare and protect your family [...]

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Tips and Trix


Thursdays are for Tips and Trix! Today's Tip: A major health diagnosis serves as a good trigger to strategize an estate plan to ensure the right community of support around you as you face a major health diagnosis and to review estate planning documents in order to pass along assets in the event of [...]

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“You need a good estate planning attorney”


“You need a good estate planning attorney,” is a common phrase I tell clients as we review how Executrixie can assist them through the future disposition of an estate. I tell them an estate planning attorney will offer legal advice and help draft various written legal documents including power of attorney, living trust, and [...]

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