A New Year, A New Offering


Much speculation surrounds the ‘new normal’ emerging in the wake of the COVID- 19 pandemic. If there can be one ‘silver lining’ taken from this collective time of incredible loss of life and opportunity, it lies in the societal consciousness of end of life issues and preparedness for death- both topics that can benefit individuals [...]

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Honoring My Grandmothers during COVID 19


In the late winter of 2019 as news of a highly contagious virus started making headlines, I didn’t need to look far to understand the devastation to human life a worldwide pandemic could wreak on not only daily activities but also on family life as well. You see, I lost three great grandparents during an [...]

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Giving Tuesday- Leaving a Legacy


"You must take care of other people" were words impressed upon Kirk Douglas by his mother at an early age and this commitment to philanthropy has been reflected in his estate planning. Douglas left the bulk of his $80 million estate to the Douglas Foundation, a charity he co-founded nearly 60 years ago. In [...]

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Giving Tuesday-Ethical Wills


How do you leave behind your legacy of values and ethics for future generations? In this Giving Tuesday post, Executrixie highlights the value of leaving an ethical will. Advisers use ethical wills to look beyond client assets Personalized letters to friends and family can help clients resolve personal issues while also explaining their estate [...]

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Giving Tuesday- Leaving a Legacy


"My photo books on Arizona are my last will and testament to my love for my native state." — Barry Goldwater Barry Goldwater — a five-term Republican senator from Arizona and a presidential candidate in 1964 — was an unabashed lover of the great outdoors, especially of Arizona and its Grand Canyon. Photography was his [...]

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Giving Tuesday- Family Medical History


In today's Giving Tuesday post, sharing family medical history is invaluable information to pass among the generations. I have a confession to make: I am a cold person. From the frigid, gloomy days of February through the sultry, hot days of August, you most likely can find me with a sweater nearby, especially if I [...]

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Giving Tuesday- In Case of Emergency List


Talking about emergencies, sudden illnesses and death won't kill you but most people avoid the difficulty of initiating this conversation with loved ones. In our death- denying society, wouldn't you like to avoid it all together? On the contrary, acknowledging these realities can prepare and protect your family in financial and non-financial ways. In this [...]

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Let It Be


As I navigate around the Triangle area meeting clients, attending networking events and rushing kids to school and activities, it is very likely I am either listening to a podcast or to satellite radio. The Beatles channel on Sirius XM has vastly improved my life on the road.  (Disclaimer: My children disagree strongly as [...]

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