Breaking the Taboo: Why It’s Important to Plan for Emergencies with your Loved Ones


Breaking the Taboo: Why It's Important to Plan for Emergencies with your Loved Ones   Emergencies happen when you least expect them. They can strike without warning, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and unprepared. That's why it's important to break the taboo and start talking about emergency preparedness with your loved ones. Whether it's a natural [...]

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Check It Out, Fall 2020


I am really excited to share some of the changes coming to Executrixie before the end of 2020. Today I am highlighting Executrixie’s updated Resource page where executors can find specific, practical tools to assist them throughout the course of estate administration. These recommendations include informational books, paper management/ organization tools , and personal property [...]

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From the Vault


From the Vault . . . This weekend I am forcing myself to create a binder with all my financial, legal, and personal information just in case of an emergency. Over the past year, I have watched my co-worker struggle in the aftermath of his wife's death because they did not have any plans [...]

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From the Vault


One of our fondest family memories involved an all-inclusive trip my wife, Susan, and I took to Disney with our adult children, spouses, and grandchildren in 2017. We had planned to surprise them again with another trip in the summer of 2020 until Susan was diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer in the [...]

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From the Vault


From the Vault I just wish my father was more open about his intentions when he wrote his will and explained his distrust of and disappointment in my younger brother, Bill, after Bill made some bad decisions early on in his life. My dad gave the bulk of his estate to me and left Bill [...]

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Giving Tuesday- The Estate of Lee Radziwell


In this #givingTuesday post, an auction can make sense for an estate that does not leave many beneficiaries and such is the case of Lee Bouvier Radziwill, a former princess and younger sister of the late former First Lady Jackie Kennedy. In 2016, she told Architectural Digest, “When I buy something, I do so [...]

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