Book Review, The Alchemy of Grief


Book Review, The Alchemy of Grief Working through grief is one of the toughest challenges one can endure during a lifetime. One of my primary goals with my blog is to provide grief resources for my readers along the way in addition to other practical information related to organizing an estate. I love [...]

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Why Executrixie?


Many executors feel overwhelmed for any number of reasons. Trust me, I know first hand. In 2004 my father died and I was appointed executor of his estate. Because my mother had died four years earlier and I am their only child, all the responsibilities fell to me. To complicate matters, I lived two [...]

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“You need a good estate planning attorney”


“You need a good estate planning attorney,” is a common phrase I tell clients as we review how Executrixie can assist them through the future disposition of an estate. I tell them an estate planning attorney will offer legal advice and help draft various written legal documents including power of attorney, living trust, and [...]

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